Christmas on the Corner
If you have ever lived in the West Village, you may have heard of Billy Romp and his fascinating story. There have been numerous articles written about him and his family's business of selling Christmas trees on Jane Street since 1988. I have always been curious about the economics of the Christmas tree business and the lives of those who sell them. He turned out to be one of the most interesting individuals I have ever met. He was extremely generous with his time, sharing his experiences and stories from the corner of Jane Street and Eighth Avenue.
Concorde - The Pickup
After a months-long process of restoring and repainting, the British Airways Concorde was returned to its home at the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum. I was lucky to be invited to help document the unique 2-day journey. Day 1 - We rode over with a massive crane barge to Brooklyn where the Concorde was loaded onto its own barge, then stored overnight in NJ. Quite amazing to see how deftly the crew worked to move their special cargo. I also gained a new-found appreciation for the waterways around NYC and how important they are to the city.
Concorde - The Drop off
Day 2 - Documenting the Concorde’s return home to the Intrepid Museum in Manhattan. Originally, we were to ride on the crane barge with the news crews but somehow managed to hitch a ride on the barge with the plane. It afforded us some amazing views and a truly unique experience as a tug pushed us through the harbor and up the Hudson River.